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It’s really a good idea anytime, but especially now.  Make your marriage a BLANK free zone.  Let’s fill in that blank together with this morning’s Tune Up Tuesday – a little nugget you might be able to use to “tune up” your relationship. In addition to hosting this morning show, I am a masters level therapy resident. On Tuesdays I share little pieces I’ve learned along the way.  Today, talking about the importance, now more than ever… of making your relationship a criticism free zone.

When you’re at home round the clock together is not the time to be pointing out mistakes.  The time to do that is almost never, but especially not now.  My policy with a criticism free zone is this:

Whatever you want to criticize, try containing it for two weeks.  If two weeks from now, it’s still bothering you at a high level… then sit down and have a gentle conversation about it.  You’ll find very few things survive that two week window.

Instead of criticism, now is the time for appreciation.  Scan the environment for what your partner is doing right and express appreciation for it.  Bottom line – if you want to be close, you can’t be critical.


Photo Credit: Getty Images Andrii Yalanskyi