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Mimosas are perfect go to brunch drink year-round. Don’t let a bad mimosa stand in your way this year! Follow these 6 simple steps from VinePair to create the perfect mimosa. 


Step 1: Use Fresh Juice

It’s important to use fresh juice to make a mimosa. There are only two ingredients in a mimosa, orange juice and sparkling wine, so the juice needs to be quality and a star of the show. VinePair suggests squeezing your own orange juice! Use a juicer to make the process easier. 


Step 2: Don’t Use Pulp

BUT if you squeeze your own orange juice, lose the pulp (or if you buy fresh orange juice, get some without pulp). The pulp can take away from the bubbles in the wine, according to most bartenders. 


Step 3: You Don’t Have To Use Expensive Champagne

Although the sparkling wine is one of the two stars of the show in a mimosa, you don’t have to use the most expensive champagne. BUT you don’t want to use the cheapest option either. VinePair suggests a $10 – $20 bottle of Cava, Prosecco, and Crémant de Loire or de Bourgogne. Tip: use drier sparkling wine and champagne with no added sugar for a better tasting mimosa. 


Step 4: Keep Your Glasses Cold

Chill your glassware by putting it in the freezer before you serve your mimosas! A variety of glassware can be used for mimosas, including champagne flutes, coupes, and wine glasses


Step 5: Mix The Mimosa In The Glass

In order to pour the perfect mimosa, build it right in the glass instead of making a pitcher of mimosas. According to VinePair, mixing a mimosa directly in the glass helps control the ratio and reduce foaming. Tip: start with pouring the champagne first and then the orange juice. 


Step 6: 1-1 Ratio

Use a one-to-one ratio of orange juice and sparkling wine for the perfect mimosa. Because there are only two ingredients in a mimosa, they should both be tasted equally. Don’t let one or the other overpower the drink!


Now that you know the steps to making the perfect mimosa, go give it a try for your next brunch get together. Happy sipping!


Photo Credit: tbralnina / Getty Images