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If you love ice cream, this might be the best news ever – eating the sweet treat (in the morning, no less) could make you smarter. 

In clinical trials performed at Tokyo’s Kyorin University particpants were asked to eat ice cream right after waking up and then did a series of mental exercises and tests.  Compared to people who didn’t eat ice cream for breakfast, the ice cream eaters were found to be more mental alert and did better on the tests.

Now, nutrition experts could contend this is essentially a sugar rush and boost and/or it’s a difference between people eating something for breakfast (even ice cream) compared to not eating anything.  But what fun is that?  Maybe those nutrition experts would be smarter if they ate ice cream and then agree with it’s benefits?

So enjoy some ice cream in the morning and get smarter … and probably heavier, too (okay those nutrition folks are probably right).


Photo Credit: Getty Images/william87