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Feeling lucky? Indiana shines as the undisputed leader in Powerball lottery wins.

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Indiana leads the pack when it comes to picking lucky numbers. Since 1992, Indiana has snagged the most wins, with a whopping 1,271 victories. Missouri and Pennsylvania trail behind in second and third place, respectively. Mississippi, on the other hand, has had the fewest wins, with only two in 32 years.

The 10 states that have won the Powerball lottery the most

Rank State Winnings in millions, (adjusted for inflation) Number of Powerball wins
1. Indiana $6,456.86 1,271
2. Missouri $5,375.69 1,046
3. Pennsylvania $4,655.32 918
4. Minnesota $3,754.13 851
5. Kentucky $3,161.82 825
6. Wisconsin $4,359.64 797
7. Arizona $3,604.32 789
8. Louisiana $2,418.80 700
9. Florida $4,898.80 567
10. Connecticut $1,851.37 517


A recent study conducted by iGaming experts at GambleSpot delved into Powerball data from 1992 to 2024. Indiana emerged as the champion, boasting 1,271 wins and a staggering $6,456.86 million in total winnings, adjusted for inflation.


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By using data from the Powerball website and a US inflation calculator, a ranking was made to identify which states have won the lottery the most between 22 April 1992 and 8 April 2024. It also identified which state had the most winning in millions, adjusted for inflation.

Powerball, Mega Millions jackpots grow more than $1B combined

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Also, winners in Indiana have clinched the Match 5 prize 1,153 times, Match 5 + Power Play 79 times, and the coveted Powerball jackpot 39 times.

Most frequently drawn Powerball numbers

Type of ball  Ball number  Number of times drawn 
White  61 92
White  63 89
White  32 88
White  21 87
White  23 85
Powerball  18 51

Andriy Nezdropa, CEO of Adwise Partners LLC, the company behind GambleSpot, says that tracking which states have the most winners can gauge public interest in gambling, and long-term data can uncover any unexpected trends in win distribution.

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