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Source: Walmart / Jeep

In a bizarre turn of events, an Indiana man finds himself in legal trouble after being arrested for operating a toy car under the influence of drugs. The incident, which has caught the attention of both local residents and the media, sheds light on the potentially dangerous consequences of impaired judgment.

Late on Wednesday evening, a Indiana State Police trooper was conducting routine patrols along North 2nd Street in Vincennes Indiana when he stumbled upon an unconventional sight. A man, later identified as 51-year-old John McKee, was behind the wheel of a Power Wheels Jeep, navigating the road as if it were a legitimate vehicle.


Source: John McKee / Indiana State Police

The Power Wheels Jeep, lacking proper illumination and reflectors, posed a significant visibility challenge on the road, as highlighted by State Police authorities in a press release. McKee’s decision to take to the streets in this diminutive vehicle was undoubtedly a concerning one, especially given the lack of appropriate safety features.

Upon pulling McKee over, the trooper noticed telltale signs of impairment, prompting him to administer field sobriety tests. Unfortunately for McKee, these tests did not yield favorable results. As a result, he was transported to a local hospital for further evaluation, where subsequent tests confirmed the presence of methamphetamine and marijuana in his system.

The consequences of McKee’s joyride quickly escalated as he was subsequently arrested and charged with a felony. Specifically, he faces charges related to operating a vehicle while intoxicated – a charge that is compounded by a prior conviction. Following his arrest, McKee was remanded to the custody of the Knox County Jail, where he now awaits legal proceedings.