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On any given day you may find yourself working, teaching your kids and staying on top of any household chores and duties – all within the confines of your house.  And while the coronavirus has caused us to slow down in many ways, we still may find ourselves on the brink of burnout.

Unfortunately, you probably just can’t stop working or teaching your kids or keeping up with your home.  The answer then must come in taking breaks.

Rather than go from one role or task to the next, make sure you take time between each thing – whether that’s reading a book, going for a walk, or just allowing yourself to breathe a little – you can avoid burnout about by taking 10-15 minute breaks.

Taking a short breaks keeps you from feeling overwhelmed and burnt out when it comes to fulfilling all of your many roles and tasks.  So give yourself a break – actually, giving yourself several breaks.


Photo Credit: Getty Images/Choreograph