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Confession – I once cried watching one of the Rocky movies (I can’t remember which one, but it was probably one of the first two movies). Many have said, though, there’s nothing like a good cry and they are right.  Crying can actually be beneficial to us.  Crying can reduce stress, help us fight bacteria and release toxins.  But wait – it gets better.  Crying can help you lose weight, especially if you do it during a specific part of the day.

According to one study, crying promotes weight loss by stopping the production of hormones associated with fat storage.  The study dove into the science of how this happens, but the big picture is you can shed pounds crying!  And get this – the study said that crying between 7pm and 9pm (checking to see if one of the Rocky movies is on …) is the time when you can burn the most fat.  Now you can shed some tears and shed some weight, too!


Photo Credit: Getty Images/CSA-printstock