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You’ve probably heard the advice – “work smarter, not harder.”  Along those lines, I’ve recently read about an approach to your work day that could allow you to work less, but accomplish more!

The idea is this – start your workday as early as you can, even if you are not a morning person. Avoid looking at your emails or social media prior to working and commit for the next 3 hours to keep that commitment.  The goal is to solely focus on your most important work tasks, distraction free (no Facebook, answering texts, reading emails, etc.). 

A breakdown of most typical workdays includes a lot of wasted time distracted by social media and even work-related things like emails. These not only waste our time, but when we break away from a task to check an email or look at Instagram, it takes additional time to re-engage in that task.  This is why it is vital to work those three hours free of distractions.

The benefit? Most people found that when they work this way, they accomplish more in those three hours than a typical 8 or 9-hour workday!  Then you are free to take care of more of your mundane tasks like checking and responding to emails, returning calls, etc.

An additional benefit? Because you have generally accomplished more in less work time, you now have more free time.  And what they found was that with this additional bandwidth, people found themselves thinking more creatively – which further helped them with their jobs and their productivity.

Work less and work better – how cool would that be?


Photo Credit: Getty Images/DMEPhotography