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I got a voicemail today from a man in San Diego asking for tech support.  He obviously had the wrong number, so don’t call me with your computer problems

Later, I read the story of an elderly woman in need of a walker who mistakenly called the wrong number, but the people on the other end decided to help her anyway.

Yep, when Kyle Hartstock in the New Mexico Attorney General’s office mistakenly got a voicemail from Bernice Weems, rather than ignoring the call or even calling her back just to tell her she got the wrong number, Kyle and his co-workers decided to take it upon themselves to get Bernice a walker.

I was inspired after reading this, so I actually called the man from San Diego who called me today for tech support.  And even though I wasn’t able to help him with his problem, he was appreciative that I took the time to call him back, so he could seek out the correct number.

So our Acts of Christmas Kindness Challenge for today is – over the next 24 hours, you may have someone mistakenly reach out to you for help.  Don’t view that as a mistake, but as an opportunity to spread some Christmas kindness and help them if you can.


Photo Credit: Getty Images/ajr_images