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Taylor Swift’s latest album, “The Tortured Poets Department,” is breaking records left and right. Taylor Swift has shattered multiple records, including the first album to reach over 300 million streams in a day and 1 billion Spotify streams in less than a week. But beyond the streaming triumphs lies a notable shift – it’s her most profane work yet.

Most Profane TS albums

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In a recent study by The List examining 18 years of Swift’s music, findings reveal a staggering 5,600% surge in profanity since her debut album in 2006. This leap from one mild curse word to 57 in “TTPD” has raised eyebrows.

Swifties have taken notice too, with Google searches for “Taylor Swift profanity” spiking by 3,050% in just one week. The curiosity is real, with a 350% uptick in searches wondering if Swift swears.

Most Used Curse words in Taylor Swift songs

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What are Taylor Swift’s favorite curse words?

Using a profanity guide, researchers compiled a list of 202 swear words, ranging from mild to explicit. Swift’s top ten favorites include words like “fck,” “sht,” and “b*tch,” a far cry from her earlier, cleaner lyrics.

Her profanity journey is evident in her discography. From a single curse word in her debut to 57 in “TTPD,” Swift’s dirty-word evolution is undeniable. Each album shows a marked increase in explicitness, with “Folklore” and “Evermore” introducing double-digit curses.

Most profane Taylor Swift Songs of all Time

Source: The List / The List

The most explicit songs reside in “TTPD,” with tracks like “Down Bad” boasting 18 f-bombs. It’s a departure from her earlier hits, signaling an artistic shift.

Is she embracing her adult language because she is getting older? Perhaps this is insight of present society and culture and what is considered acceptable? Is she saying good-bye to the younger set of fans that made her famous? Is this a lack of lyrical creativity?


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