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Welcome to a wild ride through the world of awesomeness! Ever come across something so cool you wished it was everywhere? Well, get ready, because we’ve rounded up 20 things that definitely deserve to be!

These goodies are too good to keep to ourselves, check them out below!

1. Movie Theater Gym

2. Self Checkout Carts

3. Buzzer Linked To A Waiter’s Smart Watch

4. Baby Store With Road Test For Strollers

5. Pen That Tells You How Many Pages Left To Write

6. Clear Lids For Canned Products

7. Batteries With USB Port For Recharging

8. Shopping Carts That You Can Take Your Pets Along

9. Chart That Shows When Local Produce Is In Season

10. Elevator With Foot Buttons

11. Sticker That Show When To Eat

12. Free Wine Chilling Service

13. Ride Menu

14. Split Bill Calculator

15. Selling School Leftovers At The End Of The Day

16. Parking Ticket Paid By Donating

17. Wireless Charging Benches

18. Bike Helmet Police For Kids

19. Library With Things To Rent Other Than Books

20. Assorted Chocolates Labeled With Symbols