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Are you ready for snow? When you think of winter sports and activates, you might conjure images of swooshing down a mountain in Colorado or Utah. Perhaps Northern California or even Michigan come to mind. But Indiana? However, one spot in Indiana has been nominated as “Best in the Country” for a fun winter exercise. […] The post Indiana resort in the running for Best Snow Tubing in the country appeared first on WIBC 93.1 FM.

Rent prices have dropped for the first time in six months. The cheapest since April! That’s according to new data from Rent., in its October report.  The national median price now stands at $2,011. The 2.02 percent decrease brought the national median rent down by $40. However, yearly, rent prices went up by 0.40 percent, an […] The post Indianapolis median rent is $1566 which is 5% higher than a year ago. appeared first on WIBC 93.1 FM.

    Halloween weekend is almost here! We want you to have the best weekend with friends and family which is why we are giving you the tools you need to have the best Halloween party on the block! We put together a list of the spookiest cocktails that made us want to have a […]

Consumers are expected to spend a record $12.2 billion on Halloween this year, and it’s not just due to rising candy costs. Halloween decoration trends are more popular than ever thanks to oversized yard decor like Home Depot’s 12-foot skeleton and Lewis the pumpkin ghoul. Fueled by Halloween magic and pumpkin spice, the mischievous team at […] The post Indiana ranks #8 for Halloween spirit in the U.S. appeared first on WIBC 93.1 FM.

We know you’ve probably been binge watching all your favorite Halloween shows and movies all month long, but there’s still one thing left to binge watch… ALL of The Office Halloween episodes! We’ve conveniently put together all of The Office Halloween episodes so you don’t have to! Enjoy and Happy Halloween! Season 2, Episode 5: […]

A successful sports logo is one that is simple, memorable, representative of the team’s brand identity, unique, timeless, and versatile. It should be able to stand out from the competition, evoke emotion, and create a connection with fans. A recent study found that the Dallas Cowboys have the most widely searched sports team branding in […] The post Revealed: the top 10 sports team logos Americans search for the most appeared first on WIBC 93.1 FM.

The college application frenzy is upon us. The first “early decision” college-application deadline is Nov. 1. Tuition costs range from “Whoa, that’s pricey” to “Am I selling a kidney for this?” WalletHub has unleashed its 2024 College & University Rankings for our enlightenment. They’ve also thrown in some insights for good measure, not to mention […] The post Top 10 colleges and universities in Indiana for 2024 appeared first on WIBC 93.1 FM.

The official White House Christmas Tree has been selected. Representatives from the White House made a special visit to Ashe County, North Carolina this week. They made the trek to pick the official Christmas tree for 2023 from a family-owned nursery. The distinguished choice fell upon the Cline Church Nursery. The homestead is a 700-acre […] The post With days to spare, The White House chooses the 2023 Christmas tree. appeared first on WIBC 93.1 FM.

The US celebrates National Dictionary Day on Oct. 16 in honor of Noah Webster, considered the father of the American dictionary. National Dictionary Day “celebrates language, emphasizes the importance of learning and encourages readers to use the dictionary to improve vocabulary.” In the annals of English language history, the year 1604 marked a remarkable milestone […] The post National Dictionary Day: Here are the 10 words that Hoosiers misspell the most. appeared first on WIBC 93.1 FM.

A college town can be the secret sauce that makes your university experience memorable. When students embark on the quest for their ideal school, they often weigh a myriad of factors. Chiefly, things like the big picture costs, the campus vibe, the amenities, the academic prowess, and the pulse of student life all come under […] The post This Indiana college town ranks in the top 9 in the country appeared first on WIBC 93.1 FM.