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Whether you’re at the lake, pool, or joining us for the IPL Downtown Freedom Fest presented by Anthem, there is no question that the 4th of July is bound to be a hot one. Indiana weather, the 8th wonder of the world, is known for being all over the board and you need to be prepared! Check out the best ways to enjoy yourself while beating the heat this holiday weekend:



Drink BEFORE you feel thirsty

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Preventing thirst is one of the best ways to stay hydrated – especially with forecasted highs in the 90’s for Independence Day this year. So don’t drink only when you are thirsty – drink when you aren’t! Your body will thank you.


Eat lots of fruit!

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Create patriotic and healthy desserts and dishes for your holiday guests that are full of potassium and various levels of water. Here are some fun and easy recipe ideas!


Stay away from caffeine and alcohol


We know this may be a bit of a stretch – it’s a holiday after all! Technically you should stay away from alcohol and caffeine as they dehydrate your body. If you plan on drinking or ingesting caffeine, try to balance each alcoholic or sugar-y drink with a glass of water to stay cool.



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There is no such thing as too much of a good thing and sunscreen is a GOOD thing.

• SPF 30 is the most recommended SPF level by dermatologists because it blocks at least  97{e803a3283a64a62092d3794b9d3f2cc5ed4366f1c4e1b9aba0aaa2fea3cc5869} of the sun’s UVB rays. The higher the SPF – the stronger your shield against UVB ray’s becomes. However, no sunscreen can block 100{e803a3283a64a62092d3794b9d3f2cc5ed4366f1c4e1b9aba0aaa2fea3cc5869} of the sun’s rays (sorry fair skinned friends!).

• Apply 15 minutes before heading out into the sun and KEEP REAPPLYING. Reapplication every 2 hours is recommended; especially if you’re in the water for more than 20 minutes.

• Feel like a sunscreen newbie? Just want a refresher on the facts? Check out these Sunscreen FAQs from the American Academy of Dermatology.



• Go for light colors – try to stay away from darks and blacks!

• Wear light and breezy fabrics to avoid sweating too much!

• Denim is an American trademark – but it rarely breathes. Opt for a light t-shirt and shorts or a dress to let your skin breathe! 

• This goes for the kiddos as well. More comfortable clothing = less heat frustration and makes for happy parents!


Being patriotic and enjoying your holiday doesn’t mean you have to hide inside. Stay hydrated, take care of your skin, and choose comfortable options to make the best of the 4th and your health this weekend!

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Photo Credit: CherriesJD / Getty Images