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Photo Credit: Getty Images/Koldunova_Anna

When something goes wrong, doesn’t go our way or doesn’t go as planned … when there is disappointment, sometimes our knee jerk reaction is to find someone to blame. For whatever reason, it feels good (at least seemingly) to assign blame to someone. 

Our fear of failure and how it possibly reflects upon us causes us to jump into the blame game.  We do that when it’s our fault and especially when we feel someone else was the cause.

Regardless of the reason, when something doesn’t work out there is value in owning the problem.

  • When we make a mistake or there is a problem, being accountable, shows you are responsible.
  • When we are honest about our mistakes and own them, it shows we have integrity.
  • And when we admit to our mistakes and acknowledge that we make them, it makes us relatable to others (because we all mess up).

So owning mistakes gives us the chance to exhibit responsibility, integrity and relatability.  Nothing bad about any of those traits, right? Strangely enough, owning your mistakes could end up being one of the best things for you.