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This week my son sent me a text with the “I got in!”  With that text was a picture of an acceptance letter to the college of his choice.  He was extremely happy.  As a parent, naturally, I was proud.  One of the things I said was that we need to celebrate.

Who doesn’t like a good celebration, right?

Promotions, birthdays, graduations … these are things to celebrate.  But not the only things.

There’s value in celebrating small wins.  I’m not talking the “everybody gets a trophy mentality.”  And I’m not saying that we need to get a cake and throw  party, either.

At the same time – don’t be so quick to dismiss or minimize your accomplishments no matter how big or small. 

For instance, say you are trying to exercise more … maybe you worked out twice this week.  Instead of saying, I worked out just twice this week and focus on wishing you did more, focus on the fact that working out twice is better than not working out at all.  It can be a subtle mindset change where we begin to recognize the positive things we are doing, rather than on the things we want or should be doing.

When we “celebrate” or recognize these small accomplishments, rather than diminish them, chances are you will be more apt to want to keep working out and working out more.  Reinforcing the good that you did do – even if it’s not big. Celebrating the small things could lead to big changes.


Eric has his Masters In Counseling and when not on the radio is a private practice counselor.  Information in these blogs is intended to give you something to think about, rather than official “therapeutic advice.”