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The buzz surrounding Rami Malek’s stunning portrayal of Freddie Mercury in the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody” culminated with the actor winning an Oscar at the recent Academy Awards.  As amazing of a job Malek did in becoming Freddie, there was one thing about the lead singer of Queen he couldn’t replicate – his singing voice.

While Rami technically “sings” in the movie, his singing voice was blended or replaced by original recordings of Freddie Mercury and singer Marc Martel.  Who? 

For years, Marc was part of an extremely underrated and under-appreciated Christian rock band Downhere.   He became connected to Queen back in 2011 when original members Roger Taylor and Brian May did a nationwide search  for singers and musicians for an officially sanctioned Queen “cover band” called the “Queen Extragavanza.”   Marc’s audition video quickly became a viral sensation on YouTube and needless to say, he got the gig.

In addition to the Queen Extravaganza, Marc consistently tours doing the music of Queen to sold-out venues around the world.  He became the natural choice to lend additional vocals needed to make “Bohemian Rhapsody” work (in fact many associated with the film, said they wouldn’t have been able to make the movie work without Marc’s singing). 

For more Marc Martel/Queen music check out his new album of Queen cover songs and his website for touring info.

Marc’s amazing Cover of Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now”

Photo Credit: Dan MacMedan / Getty Images