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The headline read: “Study Shows The More You Hang Out With Your Mom, The Longer She’ll Live.”

That sounds like a mom guilt-trip ready to happen – “if you loved me, you’d come visit me – unless, of course, you want me to die?”

The study really speaks to the danger of being alone and isolated.  Older people are especially vulnerable to being lonely – and loneliness can severely impact one’s health.  So in effect, spending your time with your aging parents can help them live longer.

The need to be connected to others isn’t specific to any age-group.  Human beings are relational beings. We aren’t designed for isolation. We all need to be known, valued and experience the joy that comes from genuine interaction with others. 

That never goes away.  In fact, it might become more important the older we get.

This is our challenge for today – whether its your parents, grandparents, an aunt or uncle, friend or neighbor – make it a point to visit and spend time with someone older … you’ll help them live longer and in the process, we’ll all live better.

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Ridofranz