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That’s my Sam pictured in his doggie stroller.  A few people, who will go un-named, have made fun of it … others have reacted the way I did when Sam and I took our first stroll. We loved it.

Sam is 15 and not as spry as he once was when he was able to go for long walks prancing next to me.  I missed that.  He did too.  I tried carrying him for long walks but that was a little too tiring.

So, in the name of helping Sam to continue to enjoy life and the great outdoors … I bought a stroller.

Once again we are enjoying long walks together.  I’ve even taken him to my favorite 11 year old, Chase’s, baseball game.  He liked that too … especially the hotdog.

I hope as your furry family member ages, you too will consider getting him/her a doggie stroller.  They’re easy to find online.