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Back in the 90’s woman were given the unique opportunity to channel their inner Cindy Crawford or Christie Brinkley and it was a close as their local mall!  Remember “Glamour Shots?”  The photo-studio chain store was were ladies could get glammed out and photographed like a super model. But if you haven’t seen one in a long time, it’s because only 5 “Glamour Shots” stores remain in the entire world (all in the U.S.).

At it’s peak in the mid-90’s, “Glamour Shots” had had over 6,000 employees worldwide in 350 stores and was a multi-million-dollar enterprise. The experience was part makeover and part fashion-model photo shoot, with big hair, fancy gowns and dresses, plenty of eye-shadow and photo poses that ranged from seductive to contemplative.  And all for about $30-bucks, too!

Whether people prefer to take selfies or we have less glam and more subdued sense of style, it looks like “Glamour Shots” could be going the way of “Blockbuster” video.  However, if you yearn to strike a pose and get your glamour on, one of the five remaining stores is just down the road in Louisville.


Photo Credit: Getty Images/insta_photos