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A recent analysis by medical experts at has shed light on the most sought-after cosmetic surgeries in Indiana. According to the research, the Brazilian butt lift (BBL) takes the crown as the most in-demand procedure in the state, followed by the tummy tuck and hair transplant.

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#1. BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift:

With an average of 4,543 monthly Google searches, the Brazilian butt lift has captured the attention of many Hoosiers seeking an enhanced figure. The procedure involves using fat from other parts of the body to create curves and enhance the shape of the buttocks.

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#2. Tummy Tuck – Abdominoplasty:

Coming in at second place, the tummy tuck garners an average of 1,842 monthly Google searches. This surgery aims to remove excess skin and fat from the abdomen, leading to a firmer and smoother appearance. It is particularly favored by those who have undergone significant weight loss or experienced pregnancy, as it helps the abdomen regain shape and tone.

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#3. Hair Transplant Surgeries:

Hair loss is a common concern, with approximately two-thirds of men experiencing it by the age of 35. As a result, hair transplants have become increasingly popular, generating an average of 1,456 monthly searches in Indiana. This procedure involves moving hair from areas of existing growth to areas experiencing baldness, providing a natural-looking hairline and restoring confidence.

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#4. Liposuction Surgeries:

Liposuction ranks fourth in Indiana’s most in-demand cosmetic surgeries, boasting an average of 1,101 monthly searches. This fat removal surgery uses suction to target stubborn fat in areas such as the stomach, hips, and neck, where exercise and diet alone may not yield desired results. Despite experiencing moderate pain in the initial days after surgery, liposuction is known for its relatively easy recovery process.

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#5. Nose Job – Rhinoplasty

Completing the top five is the nose job, with an average of 249 monthly searches. Rhinoplasty involves altering the shape of the nose by adjusting bone, cartilage, or skin. The procedure has gained popularity, in part, due to numerous celebrities openly admitting to having undergone the surgery.

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All in all, the research also shed light on the states most interested in cosmetic surgeries. Delaware leads the pack, with 308 cosmetic surgery-related searches for every 100,000 people each month. Rhode Island and Maryland take second and third place, respectively.

Overall, as medical technology and procedures continue to advance, it’s essential for individuals considering cosmetic surgery to seek professional advice and fully understand the potential risks and benefits associated with each procedure.

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