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The gaming industry has witnessed a remarkable surge in the number of female video game players over the past few years. Recent statistics indicate that 46% of gamers in the United States are women.

In light of this significant shift, the Online Gambling Experts at JustGamblers decided to delve into the data and uncover the most popular female gaming characters across each U.S. state.

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To conduct their research, they compiled a seed list of 236 female gaming characters. Then they analyzed Google search data to determine the search volumes for each character in every state.

Who is the most popular female video game character in Indiana?

According to the study, the most popular female gaming character in Indiana is Princess Peach. She is the beloved ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom in Super Mario Bros. With an average of 4,117 monthly searches, Princess Peach claims the top spot in the state.

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According to mariowiki, since her debut, Peach has appeared in installments related to the Super Mario game series for over three decades. She has appeared in more games than any other female character in video game history.
Additionally, in second place is Lady Dimitrescu, the formidable antagonist from the 2021 survival horror game Resident Evil Village, with an average of 3,383 monthly searches.
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Lastly, securing the third spot is Ellie from The Last of Us, a compelling and resilient character with an average of 2,355 monthly searches.

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Who is the most popular female gaming character nationwide?

Interestingly, Princess Peach emerges as the most popular female gaming character across the entire United States. Evidently, she has captured the hearts of gamers from coast to coast. Her sweet, kind, optimistic, and friendly nature, coupled with her extensive experience in the Super Mario franchise, has endeared her to players nationwide.

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Lastly, a spokesperson from JustGamblers stated, “With more than 650 million copies sold, Super Mario is the best-selling video game character in the world, so it is not surprising that Princess Peach is the most popular female character. The increasing diversity in the gaming industry and the growing number of female gamers highlight the importance of recognizing and celebrating the contributions of women to the industry.”


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