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The car brands most likely to be involved in fatal accidents in the US have been unveiled. The study was conducted by The Fitch Law Firm. The research analyzed the latest data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to identify which car brands are most commonly associated with fatal accidents in the country, based on fatal injury statistics.

Which car is involved in the most fatal car accidents?

Surprisingly, the top spot on the list goes to Pontiac, a brand that became defunct in 2010. The study revealed that 55.2% of the 601 individuals involved in Pontiac accidents suffered fatal injuries, a rate almost ten percentage points higher than any other brand. Despite the brand’s discontinuation, used Pontiac vehicles have remained popular among consumers.

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Taking second place is Buick, one of the oldest car brands in the United States. The data showed that 46.64% of the 1,098 people involved in Buick accidents suffered fatal injuries. Buick’s best-selling vehicle, the Buick Encore, has contributed to the brand’s prominence in recent years.

In third place is Nissan, a popular Japanese car brand. Out of the 4,303 people involved in Nissan accidents, 43.90% suffered fatal injuries. Models such as the Nissan Sentra and Altima have contributed to the brand’s popularity in the US market.

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Mazda secures the fourth spot on the list, with 43.40% of the 894 individuals involved in Mazda accidents experiencing fatal injuries. Despite having fewer recorded injuries than other brands on the list, the Mazda CX-5 remains a popular model.

Rounding out the top five is Honda, with 42.39% of the 5,031 individuals involved in fatal accidents suffering fatal injuries. The CR-V and Accord are currently Honda’s top-selling models.

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Why Is Pontiac at the top spot?

A spokesperson for The Fitch Law Firm commented on the findings, noting the surprise regarding the defunct Pontiac brand’s top ranking. The spokesperson explained that the safety features and advancements in new production vehicles have surpassed those of used and cheaper alternatives, which could contribute to the data shown in the study.

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These findings highlight the importance of prioritizing safety when choosing a vehicle.

Rank Brand/Make Fatal Injuries recorded  Total involved in fatal accidents  % Fatal
1 Pontiac 329 601 55.20%
2 Buick 506 1,098 46.64%
3 Nissan 1,869 4,303 43.90%
4 Mazda 385 894 43.40%
5 Honda 2,110 5,031 42.39%
6 Lincoln 208 510 41.52%
7 Chrysler 334 842 40.53%
8 Kia 775 1,947 40.16%
9 Lexus 351 903 39.13%
10 Toyota 2,868 7,425 39.12%

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