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Finding someone to date can be as close as your phone! But while dating apps have made looking for love easier, they could also be hurting you, too. There have been several studies that show a link between dating apps and loneliness, which is ironic given that many go to the apps to be less lonely!

In one study, they showed the more involved you are in a dating app, the more disconnected you may actually feel. This happens when you are talking with multiple people at once or if you are using several dating apps.  Instead of growing closer or getting to know one person, you feel yourself stretched, not engaged deeply with any one person and lonely.

Another study out of Ohio State University found that if you are lonely or socially anxious, you can actually become addicted to dating apps.  In some cases, the addiction impacts work or school, or leads to risky decision making.

Experts suggest something called “slow dating,” which means to not only limit the time you spend on an app, but limit the amount of people to engage with at any give time. Seek deeper connections, versus multiple surface conversations and interactions.

The bottom line is that dating apps are not bad, but like most things in life we need to learn how to manage and regulate them.  Ideally, they should be seen as one tool in your dating tool belt.


**Eric has his Masters in Counseling and when not on B105.7, works as a private practice counselor.”


Photo Credit: Getty Images/Nicole Taionescu