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Recently, I heard part of the story of man who is only one of 25 who attempted to take his life by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge and surviving. He said the thing he had in common with all the other survivors was that the second he jumped, he regretted.  Thankfully for him, he lived to tell his story.

One of the things he talked about was this idea of being alone and unnoticed.  He shared how in his way to the bridge, if someone, anyone maybe took notice of him and his pain, he may not have gone through with it.  Even how a stranger’s smile could have made a difference he said.

In a world where we are so connected, it’s amazing how we can often feel invisible. At our core we want to be recognized … noticed … acknowledged.  We yearn to be known by others.

The interesting thing is – we can do this fairly easily for other people.  Our challenge today, is to notice, recognize and value others – make eye contact, say “hi”, ask someone how they are doing.  These small gestures can make a world a difference. It may even save a life.


**Eric has his Masters in Counseling and when not on B105.7, works as a private practice counselor**

Photo Credit: Getty Images/fizkes