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Some borderline dangerous advice… if taken out of context.  A new thing out today says if you want a strong relationship – make fun of your partner. 


15,000 couples were studied over the course of 30 years and they found that poking fun at each other can make your relationship stronger.  Now, the theory here is that humor together is the key to success… and your partner can ultimately end up feeling celebrated for their quirks.  So, this is of course light, playful teasing…. And if anyone feels hurt or takes offense, then stop.


Let me give you an example… I can get really obsessive about things.  I think I have a touch of OCD.  I get the tape measure out to make sure the end tables are equidistant on both ends of the sofa.. things like that.  And I’ll get lovingly teased about that.  Or my significant other has a proclivity for collecting cups on the bedside table.  It’ll be like a cup of tea and water every night before bed… and a week’s worth will pile up.  And I’ll tease about that… “Would you like to just the put the dishwasher in the bedroom?  Would that be helpful?”