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Leading up to Thanksgiving we are taking the time to express “thanks” each and every day with our “21 Days of Gratitude.”

Sometimes our daily challenge is a big picture way to approach gratitude; other times it is being thankful for some more practical parts of life that can be easily taken for granted.  Today, is more of the latter.

I just heard a co-worker express, “it’s freezing outside,” and they are not wrong.  Let’s face it – most of us don’t like frigid temperatures and we can even complain about them sometimes.  That’s normal.  But today, let’s put the cold in perspective.  More than likely you have a home and workplace where you are protected from the elements.  More than likely you have a warm coat, gloves and a hat to keep you warm when outside.

If you have those things, you have reason to be thankful!  No guilt – just a fact.  It’s also a fact that there are those in our community that are without these things.

Our challenge today – next time you remark (or complain) about the cold weather, back that up by being grateful for the warmth you have in your home and winter gear. And if you want to take it a step further, look to provide that warmth to someone else – so they can be thankful, too!


Photo Credit: Getty Images/omgimages