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The 2023-24 NFL season has wrapped up, already shifting focus to the ’24-25 NFL season. We’re only two weeks away from the 2024-25 NFL Season as The NFL Scouting Combine is just around the corner. It’s slated for February 26 through March 4 in Indianapolis.

NFL Combine

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NFL Scouting Combine Live Drills begin Thursday, February 29th at Lucas Oil Stadium.

  • Thursday, February 29th, 3pm ET – Defensive Linemen, Linebackers
  • Friday, March 1st, 3pm ET – Defensive Backs, Tight Ends
  • Saturday, March 2nd, 1pm ET – Quarterbacks, Wide Receivers, Running Backs
  • Sunday, March 3rd, 1pm ET – Offensive Linemen
NFL Combine - Portraits

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The spotlight also turns to Detroit for the NFL Draft. It will take place April 25-27 in downtown Detroit. The motor city will transform into a hub spanning seven blocks, accommodating the anticipated influx of fans. Detroit will need the space as the draft is becoming a bucket list event. Last year’s draft in Kansas City brought in nearly 312,000 people.

This NFL Season, The Colts will have the 15th pick.

The NFL Draft have released a preview of the set.
As the scouting combine and draft approach, the question lingers: Will you be part of the experience?

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