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Sean's Tough Trivia

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This weeks Tough Trivia giveaway is a pair KISS tickets on November 25th at Gainbridge Fieldhouse! If you win we will call you with more details!

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A new study finds doing this increases your chance of an affair by 458%.  What is it?

A – Flirting with someone else

B – Having more than 6 kids


$423 is the average amount of money spent on this each year by an individual.  What is it?

A – Shopping while drunk

B – Streaming services


In a new poll, 1 in 9 senior citizens admit they still don’t have this.  What is it?

A – “Life figured out”

B – Any retirement savings


A new study finds increasing this at school leads to lower grades for kids.  What is it?

A – Security

B – Homework


A new survey finds most of us say we haven’t had this in more than 3 months.  What is it?

A – A day to relax

B – A date night