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Winter and cold weather can mean less time outside and exercise for your favorite furry friends. We’ve dug up some of the best toys to keep your dogs and cats active, exercised, and sharp-minded!


A Dog Treat-Dispensing Ball – For any dog that loves treats as much as they love playtime!

Petstages Cat Tracks Cat Toy- The perfect toy to get out your cats hunting, chasing, and exercising needs out!

 A Hide-a-Squirrel Squeaky Dog Toy- Your dog can live out his dream of finally catching a squirrel!

Prosper Cat Tunnel- You know when a toy looks fun to even you that your cats will be sure to love it!

Benebone Durable Wishbone Dog Chew- This toy LASTS! This will take even the toughest of chewers a long time to get through!

Interactive Dog Puzzle Game- Keep your pup’s mind active and sharp by making him work for his treats! All you have to do is put the treats under the piece, and watch as your pup tries to uncover them all!

Electric Moving Cat Toy- This fish flops and wiggles and the best part is, it has a pocket for catnip! What won’t your cat love about this toy?!

Kong Toy- Fill this toy up with some peanut butter or a treat and your dog will be going crazy over this in no time!

Lightweight, Floatable Dog Frisbee- The perfect toy for playing catch, fetch, and tug of war! Bonus: it also can double as a food and water bowl while out with your pup!

Interactive Cat Robotic Toy- This self-rotating ball with a feather wand will be sure to keep your kitten occupied for hours, and no work for you!

Crinkle Squeaky Dog Chew Toy- There is something about a toy that crinkles that just makes dogs go crazy!

Bouncy Lightweight Dog Squeaker Balls- They are light and bouncy, the perfect combination for a game of catch-the-ball-in-the-air!




Picture Credit: Molka/ Getty Images