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Halloween is right around the corner and you know what that means- CANDY!

Thanks to  Zippia, we were able to find each states favorite Halloween candy! What’s not surprising is that the states are split 50/50 when it comes to preferring chocolate candies over fruit/gummy candies.  What is surprising is that New Hampshire’s favorite candy is… Circus Peanuts?!  How do YOU feel bout your states favorite candy?!

Alabama: Starburst

Alaska: Smarties

Arizona: Mr. Goodbar

Arkansas: Skittles

California: Crunch Bar

Colorado: Airheads

Connecticut: Peanut Butter Kisses

Delaware: Twizzlers

Florida: Airheads

Georgia: Starburst

Hawaii: Kit Kat

Idaho: Milk Duds

Illinois: Kit Kat

Indiana: Dum Dums

Iowa: Starburst

Kansas: Whoppers

Kentucky: Heath Bar

Louisiana: Payday

Maine: Liquorice

Maryland: Blow Pops

Massachusetts: Junior Mints

Michigan: Junior Mints

Minnesota: Snickers

Mississippi: Payday

Missouri: Nerds

Montana: Airheads

Nebraska: Twizzlers

Nevada: Kit Kat

New Hampshire: Circus Peanuts

New Jersey: Crunch Bar

New Mexico: Hot Tamales

New York: Crunch Bar

North Carolina: Crunch Bar

North Dakota: Starburst

Ohio: Blow Pops

Oklahoma: Runts

Oregon: Reeses Pieces

Pennsylvania: Twizzlers

Rhode Island: Baby Ruth

South Carolina: Starburst

South Dakota: Milky Way

Tennessee: Blow Pops

Texas: Starburst

Utah: Three Musketeers

Vermont: Tootsie Pop

Virginia: Sour Patch Kids

Washington: Kit Kat

West Virginia: Tootsie Rolls

Wisconsin: Reeses Peanut Butter Cups

Wyoming: Hershey Kisses


Picture Credit: Jenifoto / Getty Images