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So glad you’re part of this little radio family and I consider it that.  With the idea of us being a family in mind, I want to share with you a major life decision we’ve made…and there are a lot of people faced with this sort of decision lately.  Maybe the one we’ve made can serve as an encouragement.

My fiance Andy and I set to wed under the statehouse rotunda on Friday, November 13th.   We love that date.  We love the statehouse as a venue, but as you might imagine, we’ve been feeling unsure about things happening as planned.  We’ve been given a lot of advice.

Go for it.  Keep it.  Well, that began to feel unwise.  First of all, Andy is Canadian… and the border is closed, so a lot of his family couldn’t even come if they wanted to.  And we’d just feel awful if someone came to our wedding and got sick, right?  Like, thinking of older loved ones specifically.

Some said just delay everything until next year.  That felt sort of like we were throwing in the towel and letting the pandemic win.  So, we have come to a sort of hybrid decision. We are going to move forward with our wedding as scheduled…but with only 4 people in attendance.  Andy’s parents and my aunt, who raised me in large part…and her son – who’s like a little brother to me.  We’ll keep that Friday the 13th date and get married outside in our neighborhood…weather permitting or in our living room, if not.  THEN – we hope to have one helluva reception slash one year anniversary party on November 13th 2021.

It’s not how we pictured it, but we’ll still be just as married.