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Looking for insight into someone’s personality?  Look no further than their favorite ice cream.  Breyer’s surveyed 2,000 people to get a read on the likes and traits of people who prefer strawberry, vanilla or chocolate ice cream.

If you like strawberry ice cream you like doing laundry, listen to jazz music, and enjoy a good sci-fi flick.  Strawberry lovers have tendency to find love at age 24, too.

Vanilla fans, interestingly enough, came be risk takers who are night owls, too. They prefer dogs to cats and favorite chore is doing dishes. Vanilla lovers are fairly introverted and find love, on average, at age 25.

Meanwhile, chocolate ice cream folks are extroverts who enjoy a good rom-com movie and pop/rock music.  Chocolate fans are the latest to find love, usually around age 26.

The “research” said nothing about people who prefer all 3 flavors, but I’m guessing Neopolitan ice cream fans might be a sweet mix of all 3 personalities.


Photo Credit: Getty Images/Unpict