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When you are in a bad mood, what do you do to change the way you feel?  Some people go for chocolate or maybe a glass of wine to boost their spirits.  There’s actually a way to improve your mood in 12 minutes and involves no calories or alcohol.  What is it?  According to a study out of Iowa State it’s “Loving-kindness”

They found when people took 12 minutes wishing other people well, it helped them feel better.  They referred to it as “loving-kindness,” where people actually spent 12 minutes verbally wishing other people well, or just even thought it (ex: you seem someone else and think to yourself, “I really want them to be happy.”).  Ideally, you would not just be saying or thinking these things, but actually meaning it, too.

The study found that wishing other people well helped reduce stress, increased empathy, improved a person’s mood and made them feel more connected to others.

photo credit: Getty Images/Deagreez