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Noah’s Animal Hospitals & the Humane Society for Hamilton County are teaming up to help find loving homes for cats and dogs in local Indianapolis animal shelters.

Furever Families presented by Noah's Animal Hospitals

About Noah’s Animal Hospitals: Noah’s Animal Hospitals are a family of veterinary clinics serving the Indianapolis, IN area and surrounding communities. With eight convenient locations to serve you, including two 24 hour locations, Noah’s is dedicated to providing you and your pet with the best possible health care and exceptional client service, exceeding your expectations with every interaction. In fact, they like to consider themselves “the best friend of your best friend.”

A dog named Annie

Hi! I’m Annie! I’m a sweet and loveable pup (a little over a year old) just looking for her FUREVER home. Here is what’s been said about me:

“I spent a few hours today with the company of a shelter dog named Annie. I went there planning to take a different dog out, but ended up with her and so glad I did! She’s not only gorgeous but super sweet. She does great in the car and great on a leash. A group of small kids approached her and while I warned their dad that she isn’t my dog and I don’t know her that well, Annie took it upon herself to give each kid a million kisses letting us all know that kids are clearly her favorite.
The whole time I had her she never barked…even at the squirrels that were taunting her. She’s all around the perfect dog!

If you would like to meet Annie, head down to the shelter at 2600 S. Harding during regular business hours.









A dog named Apricot

Hi! I’m Apricot! I’m two years old and a really sweet girl, but I have to get to know you first. I’ve been out as part of the shelter’s Freedom for a Day program and the lady I went out with had this to say about our day trip.

“She was so good. She jumped right into the van and stayed in the front seat with me. We went to Pet Valu first for a bath and she was perfect. She seemed to enjoy the bath. She especially loved getting massaged on her head and behind her ears. She got treats from the manager and did sit and gave her, her paw. We then walked up and down Main Street and headed back to the shelter. We walked by several people and she was fine and just kept trotting along. We spent some time in the front run and she loved running around chasing the ball. She also really liked running over the agility bridge. She went up there on her own and she was having so much fun. She was really well behaved the entire time I had her and everyone loved her.”

If you would like to meet Apricot, head down to the shelter at 2600 S. Harding during regular business hours.










A dog named Bernadette.

Hello! I’m Bernadette! I’m 4 years old and I’ve been told I have very good manners. Just listen to what people have learned about me when I get to go outside of the shelter:

Bernadette was incredibly well-behaved. She walked great on the leash with no pulling or tugging. She greeted people with kisses, never barked at anything. We had treats and she sat down politely and took them very gently. She was very patient while we ate and did not beg. She is such a great dog!!

Bernadette was super sweet, loving and playful. she walked on leash well and was happy to see everyone she passed by.  She did not jump on anyone and has awesome manners. she was happy to see other dogs, but did not bark and pull to get them. She LOVES water!!! She would make a great best friend for anyone! She did very well with little kids, did not jump on them.

If you would like to meet Bernadette, head down to the shelter at 2600 S. Harding during regular business hours.









A picture of a black cat named Jimmy.

Hi! I’m Jimmy! I’m 6 years old and have been at the shelter since an Animal Control Officer found me running loose back in August. I’m a laid back guy, who just wants a soft bed, some toys to play with and a family who will love me FUREVER.

If you would like to meet Jimmy, stop by the shelter located at 2600 S. Harding Street during regular business hours.











A picture of an orange cat named Mr. Grant

Mr. Grant is truly a unique and distinguished gentleman with a powerful spirit.  His intake records suggest that he is about 10 years old, but given his activity level and his playful disposition, we would guess him to be several years younger.  He is very talkative and makes the greatest squeaks and chirps, especially when he is playing with his favorite toys – sparkly pom poms.  He knows that his name is “Mr. Grant”, and when you say his name he usually responds back with a squeak While Mr. Grant is a very social fella who enjoys human and feline interaction, he also needs his personal time and solitude.  Because of this, we feel that he would do best in a calmer, quieter environment.  It may take some time to earn his trust as he’s had some poor experiences with humans in the past.  He doesn’t like to be held, and it may take some trust-building (using his name works great for this) before he will be comfortable with someone standing or walking close to him.  Don’t take it personally if he gives you a ‘hiss’ for walking too close to him or moving too quickly.  He’s just letting you know his boundaries and triggers.  But don’t let his defenses fool you, he’s a gentle and soft man underneath who just wants to live a life free of fear (and play with pom poms).

Mr. Grant is currently staying with one of our wonderful foster families. If you would like to schedule a time to meet him, please email

a picture of a cat named murphy. Hi! I’m Murphy and I’m 10 years old! After spending a few days at the shelter, I decided it wasn’t for me, so I convinced shelter staff to move me to the Pet Smart in Castleton. I’ve lived with other cats, but have never been around children, but don’t let that scare you. I’m looking for my PURRFECT home, could it be yours?














a picture of a dog named Rosie

Rosie isn’t even two years old and yet she has spent most of her life in and out of the shelter.
You see, Rosie needs what we call a unicorn adopter – no dogs, no cats, and no small children. While these type of adopters are hard to find – we know they exist!
Rosie’s previous families have loved her and didn’t want to surrender her, but they either had other pets or small children (which stress Rosie out) and it didn’t work out.

We think she is perfect! She loves to play, snuggle, and she gives the best kisses ever! She is young, energetic, and would love someone to work with her on doggie manners. Thanks to a generous donor, Rosie’s adoption includes a certificate for up to $150 in training services!!!
Are you the unicorn Rosie is looking for?

If you would like to meet Rosie, head down to the shelter at 2600 S. Harding during regular business hours.







a picture of a cat named ruth

Ruth is a 5-year-old sweet, spunky girl who was abandoned by her previous owners. She lived outside for about 2 years before her caretaker brought her in from the cold, bitter outdoors. She has early stages of Kidney disease, but this is easily controlled with special kidney food. She is shy at first but will warm up to her humans with a little time. She LOVES to play and look out the window! Her foster has lots of scratching posts for her, her favorite ones are the cardboard floor mats. She hasn’t scratched up any furniture since she has lots of other things to play with and scratch! Her foster believes she would be ok with other cats in the house if she is slowly introduced. She is a wonderful litter box user and has had no accidents. Her foster mom loved to pick her up because she gives the best snuggles! She isn’t really a lap cat, but she likes to sit by her humans and keep them company. Give her some interactive toys, food, and a nice, comfy place to relax, and she will be your best friend.

If you would like to learn more about Ruth, or to meet her, stop by the shelter located at 2600 S. Harding Street during regular business hours.