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Once again, Valentine’s Day may have snuck up on you! How much should you spend on your sweetheart may depend on how long you’ve been in a relationship and where you live. Some will say the longer you’ve been in a relationship, the more you should spend. After all, if you spend a lot on your first Valentine’s Day as a couple, you’ve set the bar high for future holidays.

According to one study, folks in Idaho spend the most on Valentine’s day gifts at just over $84, while Alaskans spend the least at around $20. Here in Indiana? We were actually below the national average, with Hoosiers shelling out about $45 for gifts on Valentine’s Day. I’m not sure you could get flowers, much less dinner for $45?!

As for what to get, dinner came out as the top “gift” for Valentine’s day, followed by chocolates and jewelry.  Flowers came in at #5 on that list. What to avoid? The bottom two Valentine’s day gifts were – appliances and underwear.