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Tune Up Tuesday!  In addition to hosting mornings on B105.7, I work in the afternoons as therapist (at Evolve Therapy in Greenwood, IN) and on Tuesday mornings I’ll share a nugget or two you may be able to use to “tune up” a relationship in your life or your own mental health. This morning, will explore something you’ve probably heard before – “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.”

What you say is important.  How you say it is just as important.

Let’s say you’re voicing a frustration with your partner – it’s important to remember that you’re on the same side.  It’s not you vs them. It’s both of you vs the undesirable behavior.

We all have inner children who sort of act out sometimes.  If you imagine that you’re speaking to their inner child, you’re going to be more loving and kind with how you say things.  Body language helps with tone too.  I invite couples I work with to look at each other with soft, kind, 2nd or 3rd date eyes .. anytime, but especially when talking about tough stuff.