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If I told you there was something easy you could do today to ease stress for both you and your partner, you’d consider doing that, right?  I mean you’re a reasonable person.  Well, I’ve got it for you with this week’s Tune Up Tuesday… a little nugget you might be able to use to “tune up” your relationship. In addition to hosting this radio program, I am a masters level therapist in training.

So, here’s that easy stress reducing thing you can do for your partner today – touch them.  Now, some of us prefer touch more than others…but research shows that the more routine, everyday physical touch in a relationship… the more satisfaction in a relationship – even among people who say they don’t prefer touch as much.  So, today… when you get home from work (if you’re leaving home for work) – instead of “honey, I’m home” as you walk in the door… maybe seek out a hug.

If you’re brave enough, even hold hands during an argument.  That’s a proven de-escalator.  Maybe sit next to each other on the couch next time you binge watch something.  The bottom line is – There’s plenty of evidence to suggest  touch as a way to decrease stress…for both of you.