B Smart Money Minute

It’s a fresh new year. What better time to start using better financial practices? Andy Mattingly of Forum Credit Union is here to give you six tips to avoid financial mistakes in 2020 and beyond!

You’ve heard “know your numbers” for all kinds of physcial health, but knowing the right ones for your financial health is important too! Do you know what ones are just as crucial as your paycheck and balance?  Andy Mattingly of Forum Credit Union walks you through the numbers you really need to pay attention to, to […]

It’s the holiday’s. You’re spending money like crazy, and while you’re so excited to bring joy to your loved ones with these gifts, you’re really looking forward to making your 2020 New Year’s resolution be “save more money”.  That’s natural this time of year, but how do you actually get that done without falling off […]

Is your love language gift giving? If so, the holidays are your time to shine! BUT no matter how holly jolly that wrapping paper may be, those credit card bills are waiting for you in the new year… Andy Mattingly wants to make sure the jingle bells keep rockin’ on the most wonderful time of […]

How many times have you said to yourself, “Ahh, I really need to be better with my money”? It happens a lot!  Andy Mattingly of FORUM Credit Union gives you FIVE ways to help you save money for you and your family. WATCH: FORUM’s primary mission can be summed up in one simple, yet sincere statement: Helping […]

Most rules work, but there are unique situations that might require different approaches, like paying off debt or saving income for retirement. Andy Mattingly of FORUM Credit Union goes into more detail to help you determine which ones to break! WATCH: FORUM’s primary mission can be summed up in one simple, yet sincere statement: Helping Members Live Their Financial Dreams. […]

So your kid is off to college and about to get a taste of real world of budgeting, time management, and adulting. Are they ready? One of the biggest stressors and eye-openers for college students is managing money. To help ease that stress, here’s a “syllabus” of everything they should be aware of: Know when tuition bills […]

A lot of us can get carried away with all the summer fun—it’s too nice to stay in! You might enjoy more lunches out with co-workers, saying yes to more nights out with friends… so what can you do to make sure you still have fun this summer but don’t make any money mistakes?   Watch […]

These money habits can actually be easy to start and use all of the time! Become savvy money manager and see how quickly these habits can change your financial situation.   Do you overspend in a certain area of your budget every month? Do you use coupons when you go to the grocery store? Are you […]

Mentally packing your bags already for Summer vacay and listing out all the places you want to go?! We want to make sure you get there (and on budget)! FORUM Credit Union’s, Andy Mattingly, has 5 ways you can save on this Summer’s vacation. When’s the best time to go for deals & discounts? How far […]