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There’s no better way to celebrate the 4th of July than with some good ole patriotic music and we have the perfect all-American songs for you… literally. Get it?? Because all the song titles are about America… Okay, you get it, you get it. Anyway, here’s the perfect patriotic playlist for your 4th of July celebrations this year! […]

Picture this, your friend comes to visit and you all go out to eat for a great meal and good time! What could go wrong, after all, you get to eat delicious food and you’ll have no dishes to do tonight! That’s exactly what Sean Copeland was thinking up until the something creepy…and crawly… happened, […]

Halloween: a holiday that provides endless candy, costumes, and scares! With Halloween right around the corner, Sean Copeland has some scary stories that will be sure to give you all the shivers and fright! Episode 1: Bubble Wrap   Episode 2: The Light Switch   Episode 3: The Lost Phone   Episode 4: The Upstairs […]