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  Thanks to the many of you who have joined Sean’s Pumpkin Spice Patrol again this year.  Of all of the new pumpkins spice finds this year, this one was the most questionable.  But honestly, it wasn’t that bad…   View this post on Instagram

Photo Credit: johnnorth / Getty Images Preparing to shoot a Halloween episode of Sean In The City this weekend at listener Craig’s Irvington home.  I’m bringing the experts from with me.     What do you think?  Is Craig legit, liar, or lunatic?  He has to be one of the three… Audio titled Preparing for Visit […]

  If this is too weird for you, don’t worry… they have regular waffles too:     Visit Soupremacy, on Market St (just east of Monument Circle). Click here for the menu, delivery info, and more.   Have an idea for Sean In The City? Email:

First of all — There is no ketchup on a Chicago hot dog.  Repeating. There is no ketchup on a Chicago hot dog… EVER!

  In honor of National Tequila Day on July 24, I decided to take a “life class” on how to take a proper tequila shot.  My buddy Grant form Acapulco Joe’s is in the know…     Photo Credit: karandaev / Getty Images

I like The Eagle on Mass Ave… and they serve it with this spicy honey sauce. So tasty!   Don’t judge me.  It ain’t fancy, but I’m also a huge fan of the fried chicken from the Kroger Deli and from Cracker Barrel.  CB’s is only available on Sunday. I shouldn’t know that, but I […]

  That living legend (Willie Nelson) is in Indy this weekend…   Audio titled That Time Willie Nelson Confessed a Crime to Me by Sean Copeland  

Click PLAY to hear the news shared on the air this morning…   Audio titled A Big B105.7 Family Announcement by Sean Copeland