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We’re dedicated to the wellness of our community. Learning about the risks of gynecologic cancers is crucial to prevention and early detection. Join us in committing to knowing more so we can do more to crush cancer. You can create a better life, with just a little knowledge.  One of the best early detectors can be […]

Photo Credit: johnkellerman / Getty Images Whether you’re training for a marathon or you’re just getting into running, everyone needs these 4 essential things before they hit the pavement/treadmill: comfortable shoes, breathable clothing, a training plan and a killer playlist. We put these songs in order for when we think you’ll need them. From a slow, […]

Apps, personal trainers, OrangeTheory, CrossFit, boot camps, at-home programs… there are endless options for you to grow in your fitness journey. I’m a simple gym person who likes to workout at my own pace lifting weights, but gym intimidation is a real thing that I had to overcome when I first started going. You’re surrounded by […]

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Summer is all fun and games until mosquitos ruin it for everyone. There are tons of ways to relieve itching from bug bites, but the majority of them use strong chemicals that can irritate your skin even more. If you want to move away from harsh remedies this summer, here are 20 ALL NATURAL ways to stop […]