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If you find yourself these last few weeks feeling even more stressed and anxious – beyond the normal concerns of life and even Covid-19 concerns – it’s possible you are struggling with “Election Anxiety.” Almost two-thirds of Americans say this year’s political season has caused them to feel overwhelmed, frustrated or stressed out. To put […]

I read something a 92-year-old woman recently wrote and provides great perspective for all of us on life and happiness. She wrote: “Happiness is something you decide ahead of time. It’s a decision I make every morning when I wake up. I have a choice.” “I can spend the day in bed recounting the difficulty […]

“Your attention, please.”  Ever wish you could say that over a loudspeaker?  Whether it’s in your workplace, at home or maybe that person  you are interested in dating, how do you get people’s attention?  How do you get people to engage? An article on spoke to this idea and it’s just two simple things: […]

Have you found yourself saying things like: “I just don’t get why they would do that? “I don’t understand how they could vote for that person?” My guess is that you’ve said and heard phrases like that all the time and as the political season ramps up, it’s possible you find yourself scratching your head […]

When it comes to your life, your performance or your relationships do you want better or are you expecting perfection. Realistically, most of us don’t expect ourselves or others to be “perfect,” yet we often don’t live that way. Say you have a bad habit you are trying to break, do you focus on the […]

If your name is “Karen,” God bless you!  2020 has been a tough year for you as your name has become synonymous with a stereotype of a complaining, entitled woman. But a small ray of good news for you, Karen – you actually are not the biggest complainer! A unique research study examined online reviews […]

How does your body look when you are facing a challenge? Maybe you’ve never paid close attention, so here’s a little exercise I recently read about. Think about a problem you are facing – maybe something sad, or hurtful or something you want to avoid. Now position your body in a way that reflects you […]

Newsflash – if you are in any type of relationship, at some point you will have a disagreement. We won’t always agree with one another – that’s normal. However, when we don’t look to solve disagreements in a healthy way, they often can turn into ugly fights. One thing every couple should establish, and really […]

I saw a semi-humorous quote today that read: “God may forgive your sins, but your nervous system won’t.” You may have thought of this in a different way – “I can’t forgive myself.” Part of the challenge is that guilt often leads us to limit ourselves in our thinking. We say things like, “I’m always […]

Saying “thank you” is more than just good manners, but can be beneficial to you in many ways. Numerous studies show that being grateful and expressing gratitude is good for our mental and emotional health, but did you know saying “thank you” is a great way to get more help. For instance, in one experiment […]