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Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour - Santa Clara, CA

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The enchanting era of Taylor Swift’s unforgettable “Eras Tour” might have concluded in the U.S., but fans need not bid farewell to the magic just yet. In an exciting announcement on Thursday morning, AMC Theatres revealed its collaboration with the iconic singer to bring forth the eagerly anticipated Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour concert film, set to make its grand debut on thousands of screens starting from October 13.

Taylor Swift herself took to social media to share a tantalizing trailer of the upcoming film. She expressed her joy, stating that the Eras Tour had been an electrifying and profoundly meaningful chapter in her life. Now, the fans can rejoice as this phenomenal experience is set to grace the silver screen.

Commencing on October 13th, audiences across North America can relive the magic of the concert film in theaters. Tickets are already available for purchase at Swift also playfully encouraged fans to embrace the spirit of the various eras with friendship bracelets, sing along, and dancing!

This captivating movie will not only be shown in regular format but will also grace the IMAX and Dolby Cinema at AMC, as well as various other premium large formats, subject to an up-charge fee that varies by format and theater.

Foreseeing an enthusiastic rush of interest, likely drawing lessons from the tumultuous experience during the U.S. Eras Tour presale roll-out by Ticketmaster, AMC took steps to reinforce its website and ticketing infrastructure. The company affirmed its readiness to accommodate more than five times the usual ticket-buying traffic, demonstrating its commitment to providing a seamless experience. According to CNBC, mirroring the marathon concerts, the film itself will have a final runtime of two hours and 45 minutes.


Given the exceptional nature of this event, AMC has set a few ground rules. The screenings won’t accept free movie passes, and members of the AMC Stubs A-List won’t be able to reserve their tickets through their membership. In preparation for the anticipated surge of interest, AMC has temporarily adjusted the availability of ticketing for its other movie titles. Furthermore, to discourage speculative activities on secondary-ticketing platforms, ticket purchases for this event will be non-refundable.

As the excitement builds and anticipation mounts, fans of Taylor Swift and music enthusiasts alike are gearing up for an unparalleled cinematic experience. The Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour concert film promises to be a visual and auditory feast that immortalizes the magic of one of the most remarkable musical journeys of our time.