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Source: PYMCA/Universal Images Group via Getty Images / Getty

Audrey Satchivi, a student at Indiana University and a native of Carmel, was featured on Tuesday’s episode of Jeopardy!. One innocent segment in which she discussed her hobbies has since become viral on social media. In the clip published by the New York Post on Wednesday, Satchivi mentioned that she is an “old soul” and enjoys collecting records, CDs, and DVDs, even though they are now considered obsolete. She also expressed excitement about getting a new DVD, but admitted to missing her childhood a little. The introduction revealed that Satchivi, who belongs to Gen Z, reached the semi-finals of the “high school reunion” tournament as a high school senior. She is currently pursuing a degree in clinical psychological sciences and Hispanic linguistics at IU.

The comments made on ‘Jeopardy!’ regarding DVDs and CDs being considered obsolete have elicited a response from millennial fans. Despite it being some time since many of them have used their DVD or CD collections, hearing them referred to as obsolete has left millennials feeling outdated.