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Happy Cinco De Mayo!

In celebration of Cinco De Mayo, we’ve compiled five musician-backed tequila brands for you to enjoy, check them out here!

1. Sauza 901 – Justin Timberlake

Originally launched in 2009, the JT-backed 901 Tequila was scooped up by Sauza and rebranded in 2014 as Sauza 901. The smooth, triple-distilled drink was inspired by Timberlake’s road trip to Jalisco, Mexico and the name was chosen to reflect 9:01 p.m., when day transitions into night.

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2.Villa One – Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas, John Varvatos and Stoli teamed up to create Villa One in 2019. The website boasts tequila with a “unique combination of agave flavors combines herbaceous, earthy Lowland notes with the sweeter, fruity notes of Highland agave, resulting in a distinct, rounded profile.”

Order the silver and reposado varieties via Drizly here.

3. Dos Primos – Thomas Rhett

Dos Primos, which means “Two Cousins,” was fittingly launched by the country superstar and his cousin Jeff Worn to “create a tequila that blended Mexican tradition with southern sensibility.”

“My wife and I love to enjoy tequila together, and I’m excited for people to share a bottle with friends, sip it around a bonfire or enjoy it on a fishing trip or at tailgate or concert,” Rhett said in a press statement. “Dos Primos is about unwinding and enjoying the people and things that really matter in life.”

Shop it here.

4. JAJA Tequila – The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers’ Alex Pall and Drew Taggart joined the JAJA team after the company was founded by Maurice Tebele and social media influencer Elliot Tebele in 2018. The heritage facility, which produces blanco, reposado and añejo small batch tequilas, is led by a group of longtime distillers who focus on quality as well as sustainability.

Order it here.

5. Deleón Tequila – Sean Diddy Combs

Diddy and spirits company Diageo purchased the tequila brand in 2014. Deleón offers a variety of tequilas made from 100% Highland Blue Weber agave from the Los Altos region of Jalisco.

“Hand-selected at harvest for high quality and peak ripeness, our plants yield the sweetest piñas, giving the tequila its abundant character and balance,” the website reads. “Slow roasting of the agave in traditional brick and clay ovens, combined with slow fermentation, under the precise guidance of our master distiller contribute enriched depth and complexity to the agave’s natural sweetness, creating a remarkably nuanced character.”

Let us know if you try any of these brands and be sure to tag us on our social channels!