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If the very idea of going for a workout has you feeling tired, you might want to get hip to a new trend sweeping gyms nationwide: Resting.

The Wall Street Journal reports the gym chain called Life Time has seen its customers flocking to Surrender, a “restorative yoga” class that stresses de-stressing, not getting your pump on.

As one attendee of Life Time’s gym in Houston notes, “For years, I’ve focused on intense workouts and never had time for recovery.” The “Surrender” class, with dim lighting, and calm music, “guarantees a good night’s sleep,” he says.

The ​​national director of group fitness for Crunch Signature, Marc Santa Maria, says of the trend,

“Leaving it all on the gym floor doesn’t seem like a priority as much after the pandemic.”

In response, Crunch is expanding its “rest and recovery areas,” in which patrons can stretch, use massaging equipment, and, well, rest. The chain 24 Hour Fitness also boosted the number of recovery classes it offers by 33%, CEO Karl Sanft tells the paper.

If you guys are wanting to try some yoga but don’t have a gym membership anywhere, you’re in luck! We’ve gathered three great and FREE options you can try below!

Yoga To Feel Your Best:

Restorative Yoga

Let It Go Yoga Flow:

Let us know if you try any of these and as they say in yoga “Namaste”!