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Tune Up Tuesday!  In addition to hosting mornings on B105.7, I work in the afternoons as a therapist and on Tuesday mornings I share a nugget or two you might be able to use to sort of “tune up” your relationship.  This morning – the 4 most important moments of your day.  Get these 4 moments right and it’ll set the tone for your entire relationship.

  1. The first few minutes you’re both awake.
  2. The morning good bye.
  3. The evening return home.
  4. The final few minutes you’re both awake.

Are those 4 moments largely gentle, loving, and connected?  If so, they’ll set the tone for everything else.

From my experience, the easiest one to tweak is the evening return home.  So, work was hell.  Traffic was a pain.  Can you lift out of that emotionally to greet your partner when you walk through the door like you’re happy to see them… like seeing them makes some of those pains better?  Start there and then go down the list of the other 3.

Sean Copeland is a licensed therapist at Evolve Therapy in Greenwood, Indiana. Click here to learn more.