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Tune Up Tuesday!  In addition to hosting this morning show, I work in the afternoons as a therapist and on Tuesday mornings I share a nugget you may be able to use to “tune up” your relationship.  This morning, it’s the topic most couples don’t talk about… and we’re going to work together to change that.

I’m talking about the physical part of your relationship.  How is it?  How’s the quality?  How’s the quantity?  What do you hope to GIVE in this part of your relationship?  What do you hope to GET?  How’s the simple (non sexual) affection?

When you first get together, hormones take over and it often runs on auto-pilot.  Those hormones sort of burn off… and sometimes the whole situation can fizzle out and we never speak of it.  Even if you haven’t fizzled, there’s no harm in having a checkup sort of chat about this, right?  And if you’re uncomfortable talking about it… maybe spend a moment figuring out why that may be… and if you need help navigating it, maybe talk to a professional.  Here’s a link to do that –>