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I came across these 5 key questions they say we should ask at the beginning of a new year, but I think they can be valuable anytime.

1) Who is influencing me? Your world doesn’t exist in a vacuum.  Voices and opinions that surround you help shape it.  The question isn’t are you being influenced by others, we all are.  The question is – WHO is influencing you?  Who has the most access to you?  When you need advice – where are you getting it?  Who or what sorts of things are you following on social media?  All of these people and the way they see the world… will influence how you see and experience the world.

2) Am I being intentional about spending quality time with people who matter?  So, if you live with people… it’s impossible to NOT spend time with them, but maybe you all have your head down in your devices or maybe you’re checking boxes – just onto the next thing on your to do list.  The point is – quality time with ANYONE doesn’t just happen… especially with those who are outside your home right now.  I heard someone say this – when you look back 20 years from now… what would you like to be true about how you spent time with those who matter most?  However you answer that question… do that.

3) What makes you come alive right now?  What is it in your life that does that?  If you don’t know, that’s the point of the question… to invite you pause and consider it.  Like for me, it’s being on the air visiting with you… it’s working with my therapy clients – I work as a therapist in the afternoon… and it’s spending time with my husband and our dog.  Our dog, Brady the goldendoodle just turned 15. His health is declining and taking care of and spending time with that guy fills me with life and gratitude.  So, what makes you come alive and how do you incorporate more of it or savor the amount of it you already have at the very least?

4) What are your bank account and calendar saying about you?  Money and time are two of your most precious resources, right?  And the beginning of the year is a good a time as any to take inventory of how you’re spending them.  Your bank and your calendar will reveal what’s important to you, what you love, and what you’re really committed to.

5) What are you afraid of?  We’re all afraid of something and if you have trouble identifying what it is for you… ask your spouse or close friend what they think it is.  Sometimes people like that can see things in us that we can’t see on our own.  Keeping your fears just below the surface can allow them to fester and seem BIG.  When you put your fear out in the light of day, it can disarm it, you can see it more clearly, and sometimes even feel empowered to conquer it.

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In addition to hosting mornings on B105.7, Sean Copeland is a licensed therapist for couples and individuals at Evolve Therapy in Greenwood, Indiana.