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In addition to hosting the morning show on B105.7, I work in the afternoons as a therapist at Evolve Therapy. (Accepting new clients now. Click here to learn more).

On Tuesday mornings I share little nuggets I’ve learned that you may be able to use to sort of “tune up” a relationship in your life… hence the name Tune Up Tuesday.

Today, in this season rich with tradition, the happiest couples make tradition a part of their life EVERY day.  New experiences fuel your relationship at the beginning and those are still important, AND over time… mundane routine or tradition can fuel connection too.

After the kids go to bed, you watch an episode of Schitt’s Creek together.  You have coffee and read together every Sunday morning.  No matter the routine, if you or your partner choose to not do it or take it for granted, unhappiness and disconnection are likely to follow.  Lasting love depends on small, everyday moments of seemingly mundane connection.  Those small moments matter.  Now, you just have to make time for them.

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